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Family Company

Our team consists basically of two persons dedicating themselves to translating. Šárka Kremzow, MA, who studied translation of three languages at the Centre for Translation Studies at the University Vienna, translates various texts. Daniel Kremzow, a bilingual speaker, proofreads and makes corrections of German translations, and is responsible for the administration.


Regarding specialised texts, such as technical, medical, economic or legal texts, we put emphasis on thorough recherché and cooperate closely with experts in a particular field, since we are experts in the translation field, and therefore we join our strengths to achieve a perfect final product

Our Specialisation

We concentrate primarily on the German, English and Czech languages. These languages can be chosen at will. We offer translations of texts from Czech to German/English and the other way around as well as from German to English and the other way around. We can do also a certified translation, which is also called a translation with a stamp. Our credo is an individual attitude, quality and satisfied customers.



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Frequently asked questions

Even computers are able to translate, why should I pay for this?

Computer translation programs, such as Google Translator, have a huge disadvantage – they aren’t able to take account of the correlation between particular phrases as well as clauses. They’re based on text collections (corpora) consisting of already translated texts or their parts. The program picks up particular parts from this corpus regardless the context, correlation and correctness. Broadly speaking, these programs aren’t able to think, therefore only people having required language skills and education are suitable for this work.

However, there’re programs called CAT tools which only support but cannot substitute human translators. They’re used when translating longer projects full of repeated words, phrases or even clauses. These can be compared to a paper dictionary made by a human translator only for a particular project.

Why do you need to see the text/ a part of the text, before you actually get the contract?

For one thing, we need to see it due to the fact, that each text is different. Its characteristics and length determine the time we need for translating as well as the price. For another thing, these details are also important to us to be able to plan not only your translation but also other contracts we have.

In which format should I provide you with the original text (source text)?

We prefer primarily common formats supported by e.g. MS Office or Open Office. You can also give us the text in PDF. Nevertheless, be careful. Not all of the PDF files are texts, many of them are a kind of image of these text. These cannot be read by our programs as well as often converted into the text format. As far as longer projects are concerned, we cannot determine exactly the character count and offer you a price reduction based on repetitions of particular text parts.

Can I provide you with some other materials besides the source text?

Yes, you can. We appreciate reference materials which support us by translating, such as previous translations with original texts or glossaries. Nevertheless, these materials aren’t necessary.